Mahr Federal Introduces Next Generation µMaxµm® Digital Indicators

Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of its well-established µMaxµm® line of digital indicators. In addition to the many existing features of µMaxum indicators, the enhanced µMaxum II line offers a wide range of new features, including: Dynamic Max, Min, TIR; two point difference measurement; Multiplier Factor for ratio measurements; indicator serial number identification; resolution to 10 µin; selectable continuous output; and longer battery life.

"µMaxum Indicators have been standard equipment for QC operations for nearly a generation," said Paul Mailloux, Manager of Precision Gages for Mahr Federal. "Now, based on new transducer technology with increased 10 µin resolution, µMaxum II indicators approach the accuracy of higher end amplifier systems. These are by far the most versatile and complete digital indicators ever."

Versatility of the new µMaxum II indicators is enhanced in a number of ways. Resolution is selectable in increments from 0.001 in/0.02 mm down to 0.00001 in/0.0002 mm to accommodate differing application requirements.

Two point difference measurement allows comparison of different readings or calculation of measured values. The addition of Multiple Factors for ratio measurements allows chordal-type measurements, useful for making ID/OD measurements using a V plate, or for gage fixtures using lever-type non-direct contacts.

Data output with indicator serial number identification is an excellent gage management feature. It can be used to improve ISO tracking, where a number of indicators are networked on a production line, or to identify which gages need to be pulled for recalibration.

Other useful µMaxum II features include: Normal/Reverse Sensing; a high resolution digital output with analog bar graph or Go/No-Go display; selectable MarConnect data output via USB, OPTO ES232C, or Digimatic; application of Unilateral Tolerances; and an auto power-down feature which conserves power and helps assure long life from readily available commercial batteries.

The new µMaxum II line of Digital Indicators is available in two models, the µMaxum II and the µMaxum II XL which provides longer measuring ranges. Weighing as little as 6 oz, all µMaxum units are lightweight and ruggedly built to withstand hard use. The gasketed case, crystal, and stem assemblies resist fluid contamination.


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