LS Series Precision High Voltage Modules

The LS Series sets a new standard for high voltage precision and stability. By optimising the Low Stress™ technologies used in our leading 10 Watt HP Series for 1 Watt applications, the new LS Series has less than 1ppm ripple, 10ppm/°C temperature coefficient, and 50ppm drift/hr throughout the range. Each of the units includes a differential control input.

To take full advantage of the performance available from the LS Range, they are initially only being made available to our OEM customers as application specific, custom optimised, modules.

All units are short circuit proof and use proven techniques to drive a high frequency oscillator and ferrite high voltage step-up transformer. These advanced power supplies build on Applied Kilovolts' legendary reputation for reliability, being constructed from conservatively rated components with their reliability further enhanced by information gained over many years of field operation.

Available as positive and negative units up to 50kV, and electrically reversible at voltages up to 30kV. Please see the HPZ range for zero crossing reversible (bi-polar) units.


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