Let Spelsberg Thermostat Solutions Protect Your Pipes This Winter

Spelsberg thermostats can help to protect from frozen pipes during the heavy winter that has been predicted.

In the last couple of weeks leading long range weather forecasters have warned that, once again, the UK is heading into a heavy winter. It is predicted that we will be subjected to sub-zero temperatures throughout November, December and January,in a winter that could prove even colder than the previous two. So while you’re wrapping up warm remember to think of your critical pipes on site, which can easily become damaged due to freezing.

Spelsberg’s recently introduced HT range of thermostats for Industrial Process applications are designed for many harsh environments and have operating temperature controls ranging from 0-40 degrees C, 30-120 degrees C, 35-210 degrees C and 50-320 degrees C. Suitable for many applications and industries, the lower temperature range has been widely used as an ideal solution for frost protection for water systems and other critical liquid applications.

The robust mechanical thermostats come ready encased in one of Spelsberg’s IP66 protected TK enclosures and are delivered ready assembled, guaranteeing protection from ingress and severe weather; a clamping cable gland is used to protect the seal through which the probe enters the enclosure. Upon delivery the thermostats simply need to be integrated into the trace heating system and an active frost protection solution is provided.

Chris Lloyd, Sales and Marketing Manager for Spelsberg UK, comments: “The Spelsberg HT range has already been well received across many industries for its simplicity during specification and resilience in operation. Last winter saw many industrial and residential premises suffer from damaged pipes after the unprecedented cold; with similar weather set to return, now really is the best time to ensure your pipes are protected.”


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