IDT Introduces World's Lowest Power DDR3 Register for High-Efficiency Data Centers

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®; NASDAQ: IDTI), the Analog and Digital Company™ delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has introduced the world’s lowest-power register for DDR3 memory modules. The new DDR3 register is the industry’s first Gen 3 device and is designed to enable enterprise servers to operate at the highest speeds within an unmatched power envelope, maximizing the performance and power efficiency of large-scale cloud computing datacenters.

The IDT SSTE32882KB1 DDR3 register and phase-locked loop (PLL) has been fine-tuned for best-in-class performance, maximizing motherboard channel margins at speeds up to DDR3-2133.  The device incorporates innovative power saving techniques to lower power consumption by up to 20% in full active mode and 40% in idle mode, shattering the existing power overhead typically associated with Registered Dual In-Line Memory Modules (RDIMMs).  When coupled with the latest generations of low-power DRAMs, IDT’s new register can reduce total RDIMM power consumption by more than 15% under idle conditions, a critical measure of power for energy efficiency rating agencies.  Given that a typical server in a data center spends most of its life in idle mode, this level of power efficiency can offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational savings over the lifetime of a data center installation.

“As the leader in DDR3 memory interface solutions with a growing portfolio of ultra-efficient power management products, we fully understand the importance of energy efficiency in enterprise computing,” said Rami Sethi, director of marketing in the Enterprise Computing Division at IDT. “IDT’s dedication to continual innovation in reducing both component and system power consumption and improving power delivery is well-received by our customers who keep coming back to IDT for their next generation needs.”

The IDT SSTE32882KB1 includes a number of innovative proprietary features, such as RCW readback, to improve the customer experience and facilitate test and debug capability for module makers and system manufacturers.  These devices complement the latest IDT family of low power temperature sensors with serial presence detect (SPD) for a full low power solution for enterprise-class memory modules.


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