Economical Testing of Manufactured Parts

High-quality plastic, sintered metal and die-cast parts must not exhibit any cavities, but should be fully molded and complete. A deviation of just 0.001% can make the difference between good and reject parts. WMS weighing modules detect such deviations quickly and reliably.

The high-resolution WMS weighing modules are designed for quick and high-precision filling and checkweighing during automated production. A repeatability of 0.1 mg in a weighing range of 400 g ensures that even the smallest weight deviations are detected. Such deviations can indicate shaping errors, insufficient coating, incorrect amounts of lubricant, incompleteness or the wrong density. The high long-term stability of the WMS weigh modules prevents that good parts from being are rejected because the drift error of the inspection equipment exceed the parts' tolerance limits.

The simple calibration of the weighing modules simplifies the checking of inspection, measuring and testing equipment in accordance with ISO 9001 or ISO/ TS 16949. A built-in calibration weight is available as an option, allowing the correct function of the equipment to be tested and documented at any time.

The WMS can be easily integrated into machines. Its robust stainless- steel housing and built-in overload protection allow robots to be used safely in automated production. The weighing pan is also easy to replace, which makes product changes quicker thanks due to the ability to switch weighing pans which are appropriate for specific parts. The degree of protection can be temporarily increased to IP66 for the purposes of cleaning.

It is also possible to connect the weighing module to a programmable logic controller (PLC). The following fieldbus modules are available for this: Profibus DP, Profinet IO, DeviceNet and Ethernet IP. Connection in the control cabinet is made efficient and simple thanks to a terminal module for the fitting of DIN rails.

Make the most of the reliability of a WMS weighing module and the expertise of our weighing specialists to achieve economical, 100% accurate testing of manufactured parts.


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