Control System PMCprimo DriveP

The compact all-in-one motion control solution

The motion control system PMCprimo DriveP can resolve all control tasks relating to your motion control application at the highest performance level. Incorporate the PMCprimo C into the servo amplifier PMCprotego D and the result is an extremely compact, high-performance motion control system. As an option the servo amplifier can be expanded with the safety card PMCprotego S, so that even the safe drive functions can be covered.

With PMCprimo DriveP, Pilz is presenting one of the most compact and most powerful all-in-one motion control solutions currently on the market. With PMCprimo DriveP you can implement motion and control tasks for up to 16 axes via CANopen.

Your benefits at a glance:

Performance of the control system
  • Short cycle times and high performance enable a high number of axes, resulting in optimum process quality with low tolerances
  • Long availability and investment protection through use of the latest Intel processors
  • Shorter sampling times by relieving the processor of communication tasks with the FPGA chip
  • Versatility to be used for simple to complex systems
Application function of the control system
  • Open for individual requirements thanks to a wide range of interfaces
  • Simple, quick commissioning thanks to the compact dimensions
  • Short reaction times due to fast digital inputs
  • Clear software tools allow you to get up and running quickly and easily
  • Units can be exchanged quickly thanks to the SD memory card


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