Camozzi and Environmentally Friendly Energy

The Camozzi Group has always believed in protecting the environment and in addition to working in accordance with international regulations further financial resources are allocated each year to investigate the use of renewable energy sources and other eco sustainable solutions.

2010 marked the beginning of a new way forward as the Camozzi Group made even bigger commitments in this area through the investment made in solar energy powered plants.

Thanks to the installation of thousands of solar panels on the roofs of its production plants, by the end of 2011 the Camozzi Group will be able to generate more than 4.4MWp of clean energy per year.

Some further details:

The equipment which has already been installed on the roof at the Polpenazze plant has a power rating of 1237.5KWp which will allow a minimum of 1,393,425 KWh to be generated per annum. To produce this, approximately 18,400 solar panels, which were made in the USA, are controlled by 70 Siemens PVM Series inverters. The panels alone cover a net area of 13,000m2.

In total this new system will save 119.8 TEP (tons of oil equivalent), i.e. 898.8 barrels of oil or 144,916 cubic meters of natural gas every year.

From 2011 the solar technology deployed at Polpenazze will also help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 905,726kg. The scale of the saving is illustrated by the fact that 16,468 10 year old poplar trees, covering an area of 55 hectors, would be required to absorb this amount of carbon dioxide through natural processes.

Additional environmentally friendly projects are also planned at Innse Berardi where nearly 680.4KWp will be generated using solar monocrystalline panels. A further 0.5MWp will also be generated at Marzoli and Newton. Two other planned projects will supply a total of 1.8MWp of energy to Innse Milano, Marzoli Foundry and Campress.

These projects, which utilise the latest available technologies, prove it is possible to produce energy efficiently without damaging our environment.


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