Construction projects to European standards often demand the use of CE marked welding consumables, Murex Welding Products' Bostrand BW1 is CE marked and also conforms to EN ISO 14341-A.  It is a copper-free general purpose mild steel welding wire and is suitable for welding most common mild and carbon manganese steels typically used on construction sites. 

Developed to give consistent electrical pick-up in use, Bostrand BW1 offers consistently good welds with its improved arc suitability, uniform feed properties and is suitable for robotic welding applications. It also has excellent shelf life and it can be kept in storage for long periods without any risk of deterioration. With health and safety for welding operators a major consideration, the lower levels of fume emission with Bostrand BW1 - up to 50% lower in tests than comparable copper coated wires - is a major advantage.  It also produces minimal spatter and contributes to a clean working environment. Bostrand BW1 has most of the major approvals.

The approvals are ABS : 3YSA (M21), BV : SA3YM (M21), CE EN 13479 and LR : 3YS (M21).  It is available in 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm diameters on 18kg basket type spools. Depending on wire diameter, it can be deposited at rates between 0.8 and 8.0 kg/hour with wire feed speeds achieved between 3.2 and 15.0 metres/minute.                                                                                                                  

Providing a typical yield strength of 420 MPa and tensile strength of 520 Mpa,Bostrand BW1 can be used in a wide range of fabrication and repair applications. Being a bare wire with a special coating applied, it will ensure that there is low risk of wire rusting and no problems associated with copper flaking.


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