We Have Introduced Switch Mode Power Supply S8FS-C

Do your power supplies stop due to unexpected external disturbances?

You can increase your equipment operating rates by selecting Power Supplies that have a high resistance to external disturbances. 

High Reliability at a Reasonable Cost.

Reliable, Basic Power Supplies That Contribute to Stable Equipment Operation.
  •     High Reliability: Enhanced abnormal overvoltage resistance and lightning surge resistance for stable operation even with an unstable input voltage.
  •     Long Life: Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors are used to achieve stable quality and long life. A reliable 3-year warranty.
  •     Wide Input Ranges: 100 to 120 VAC and 200 to 240 VAC
  •     Full Lineup: Models are available for the main output voltages and capacities used in FA applications.
  •     Global Standards: Conforms to CE (all models), Approved for UL (all models) and CCC (15 to 150-W models).
  •     Easy mounting to DIN Rails with Mounting Brackets (sold separately).


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