CPS20: The smallest 480W, 1-phase DIN-rail power supply on the market

PULS once again set a new standard for future power supplies with the new CPS20-series. These units require only 65mm space on the DIN-rail and reliably deliver 24V, 20A or 48V, 10A for a very cost effective price. The power is available over a wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C. Additionally, there are power reserves of 20% included, which may even be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C. For short-term peak loads with a maximum length of 15ms, the units can deliver four times the nominal output current. This also helps to trip fuses on faulty output branches.

All units of the CPS20-series are equipped with the HiccupPLUS overload behavior, a balanced power management, which in normal operation mode provides generous power reserves but effectively protects connected equipment and cables against damage in the event of failure.

Other features of these units include: 94% full-load efficiency, excellent partial-load efficiencies and low no-load losses, active PFC, high immunity to transients and power surges, low electromagnetic emission, electronic inrush current limitation, DC-OK signal for remote monitoring and a provision for equal current sharing when units are used in parallel. The robust mechanical design also allows the use in harsh environments, where the unit is exposed to high shock and vibration loads. An optimized thermal design achieves a lifetime expectancy of over 60 000h (calculated at full load and 40°C ambient temperature) and the highest MTBF figures.

The units are equipped with a wide-range input circuit and can be used in all global 1-phase mains systems between AC 100V and AC 240V.

Soon further models with output voltages of 12V and 36V will be available.

Versions with ATEX approval and variants that are optimized for DC input voltages between 88 and 375Vdc round off the CPS20 family.


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