Rotary Table with Electronic Motion Control

Rotation can be a critical motion in many manufacturing processes.  Multiple assembly operations may be required, requiring rotation to access each one.  Perhaps the application needs to index identical items through a repeating process, such as filling or injecting.  Another example would be rotating an object onto another conveyance path or into a workstation.  SMC's well-regarded pneumatic actuator, the MSQ rotary table, now has an electrical equivalent.  Introducing the Series LER Electric Rotary Table.

The LER has a clean industrial design, with an enclosure base for the motor and ballscrew drive, fitted on top with a rotary bearing supporting the work table. The work table's surface features 6 radial mounting points and a toleranced positioning hole.  The shaft axis is hollow, allowing for wiring or piping. 

Actuator and system features include:
  •     3 motor and body sizes
  •     Basic or high precision bearing options
  •     Basic or high torque drives
  •     90°, 180°, or 320° rotation angles (310° for size 10)
  •     360° continuous rotation model also available
  •     24V DC step motors with encoders
  •     3000 mm/s2 max. acceleration and deceleration
  •     420°/s max. speed
  •     Positioning repeatability of ±0.05° (LER) or ±0.03° (LERH)
  •     Write up to 64 step data points to controller, using laptop with software or teaching pendant
  •     Optional programless controller or "step & direction" pulse driver also available


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