See Objects with ifm's 3D Smart Sensor - Your Assistant on Mobile Machines

ifm introduces the 3D Smart Sensor with patented photonic mixing device (PMD) technology.
ifm’s 3D Smart Sensor uses Time-of-Flight distance measurement and PMD technology to identify an object in its field of view, capturing the entire object in three dimensions.

The 3D Smart Sensor is your assistant on mobile machines, providing critical information for distance monitoring, obstacle detection, collision avoidance and area surveillance.

Long Range Detection – The 3D Smart Sensor can identify multiple targets, moving or stationary, and report back their location, size, speed and relative trajectory at a sensing range of up to 35 meters.

Large Field of View – Provided by the 3D Smart Sensor’s 70° x 23° objective lens.

Robust and Reliable – The 3D Smart Sensor is built to withstand shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Easy Set-up – The 3D Smart Sensor’s ‘Vision Assistant’ software enables the user to quickly establish application parameters.

  •     Obstacle detection and crash avoidance for construction machinery
  •     Area surveillance in harsh environments
  •     Automation solutions for agricultural machinery
  •     Height and distance monitoring for airport vehicles


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