We Have Introduced CMOS Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier ZX0.

A CMOS image sensor combines with a step-less laser power adjustment algorithm to produce stable detection of all types of workpieces from black rubber with low reflectivity to stainless steel and other highly glossy materials.

The use of a CMOS image sensor ensures high resolution and enables detection of small level differences. An extremely narrow laser beam spot ensures detection of small workpieces.

Stable Detection of Level Differences in the Order of 0.1 mm
  •     Dependable detection without being influenced by color, material, or surface conditions.
  •     Stable detection of small level differences or small workpieces.
  •     Models with different distance specifications for installation in essentially any location.
  •     Easy setup with one button.
  •     Compact design with built-in amplifier to reduce installation work and space requirements.


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