New FL1F, Too Smart to be a SmartRelay

Boasting completely new hardware with substantial upgrades, the compact and powerful FL1F SmartRelay series features a new CPU base module, new digital and analog expansion modules configurable up to 60 I/O and an improved Text Display Panel allowing configuration of twice as many lines and characters. And that’s just to start!

Along with universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, real time clock and 10 Amp relay outputs, we’ve added additional features comparable to a micro PLC. This includes an embedded RJ45 Ethernet port so users can remotely monitor, download and upload programs from a web browser. No special programming cable required! And with an embedded micro SD port, data logging is now supported and the ability to store and transfer programs couldn’t be easier.

Users want to monitor and control the SmartRelay from a smart phone and tablet? No problem. New SmartRelay Apps will be available in December for all iOS and Android devices.

Extra enhancements include the ability to network up to 16 SmartRelays over an Ethernet network, an improved LCD display, and improved Real Time Clock backup up to 480 hours.


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