Cost-Optimized Controller for Mobile Applications

ifm electronic has launched the SmartController in response to market demand for a low-cost mini controller for mobile applications. As well as being used as the main controller for small machines or applications, the 32-bit SmartController is also suited for use as an intelligent I/O module for decentralised preprocessing of sensor signals in complex control systems.

Networking of the modules with the CANopen protocol on the powerful CAN bus allows quick implementation of the application. Two integrated CANopen interfaces serve for the flexible and powerful extension of the system with further I/O or control modules. Also, the exchange of SAE J 1939 engine data and CANopen data is easy to carry out via these interfaces.
  •     Analog and digital I/Os with diagnostic function for mobile applications
  •     For use as intelligent I/O module with integrated control function
  •     2 CAN interfaces with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol
  •     Freely programmable with CODESYS 2.3 to IEC 61131
  •     E1 type approval from the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)


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