ACS550 stocked 3R irrigation drives, 15 to 200 hp

Easy to use drives that provide reliable pump control are vital to the health of your crops and your bottom line. ABB drives help you protect your investment by safeguarding your system and enabling it to run efficiently to provide the value and dependability you demand. What you choose matters.

Whether you are saving energy or converting power for your well or booster pump, your system requires optimized control. In the event of a pump system failure, minimizing downtime is imperative. ABB manufactures drives in the U.S. and stocks them locally for efficient delivery, and provides 24/7 technical support - because protecting your investment is our priority, too.

Keeping costs under control is important in any industry. You likely realize that diesel generators are only 40% efficient and require continual refueling, which becomes a very expensive solution. When you leverage Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), you inherently save energy by applying electronic variable speed control to your pumps and pumping systems. For example, on centrifugal pump applications, the power requirement of the pump varies by the cube of the speed. This means when you reduce the pump flow by 20% using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), rather than a bypass or valve flow control, you typically cut energy costs in half.

When the drive is commissioned by an ABB Certified Start Up technician, you also benefit from an extend drive warranty.

We understand how important it is for you to have water where and when you need it. This means it’s imperitive to use equipment that can stand up to the elements. ABB’s outdoor NEMA/UL Type 3R rated enclosure eliminates the need for solar shielding, includes a thermostatically controlled heater to protect against condensation, and a surge suppressor to safeguard against transient lightning strikes.


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