Vertical Receptacle Added to MINIPAK HDL Power Connector Family for Right-Angle Configurations

TE Connectivity expands its MINIPAK HDL power board-to-board connector family to include a new vertical receptacle to allow for right-angle configurations. The UL-recognized, blind-mateable MINIPAK HDL connector, originally introduced in 2011, provides 25 percent more current density in a more compact design than comparable products offered in the market.

The MINIPAK HDL connector consists of a right-angle plug and either a right-angle or vertical receptacle that utilizes an eye-of-the-needle tail for use in both solder and press-fit applications. The product is fully qualified to end-of-life conditions and offers a current rating of up to 40 Amps per contact, with nine adjacent contacts in a one-inch PCB space, all carrying 17.5 Amps while remaining within the 30° temperature rise requirement.

In addition, the MINIPAK HDL product matches the performance and scalability of the previous de-facto standard Multi-Beam XL product and is approximately 35 percent less in height -- resulting in improved cooling efficiency for compact 1U power supply designs.

The connector, which is manufactured on a mass-customizable platform, allows customers to select a wide array of configurations containing up to 24 power contacts and 40 signal contacts without up-front tooling charges. The connector also contains three levels of mating sequences to suit hot-swap applications -- specifically modular hot-swappable power distribution systems. Product applications include 1U servers, high-end servers and telecommunications switches.


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