Intelligent UPS for AC Applications

Phoenix Contact’s Quint UPS-IQ is now available for 120 V AC/240 V AC applications. Like the other Quint IQ models, the new version uses intelligent battery management to provide advanced diagnostics.

The AC unit automatically detects the input voltage of either 120 V AC or 240 V AC, making the product suitable for global use. To simplify system troubleshooting or startup, the AC UPS can start independent of an AC input. This allows users to power up an industrial PC or controller during a blackout to simplify system diagnostics.

The Quint UPS-IQ uses intelligent battery management to provide advanced diagnostics. The user can easily see critical data about the power supply’s voltage condition, the UPS parameters and the battery health at any time. The “IQ Technology” provides adaptive battery management on several levels:
  • State of Charge (SOC): Indicates the remaining back-up time and level of charge on the battery. Users can quickly see the amount of available time left.
  • State of Health (SOH): Indicates the remaining service life of the battery module. The power supply records the battery module’s history and indicates when the battery needs to be replaced.
  • State of Function (SOF): Indicates the capacity of the battery module. The available capacity of the battery is provided giving indication as to how well the battery is accepting the charge and if the full capacity is still available.
The AC model uses the same batteries as the other products in the Quint UPS-IQ product range. Using these new batteries allows for easy, tool-less battery replacement for easier maintenance.


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