Extended Line Of Amplivar Contacts Offers Convenient & Solderless Termination Method

TE Connectivity today announces the extension of the AMPLIVAR product line to include an AMPLIVAR terminal with a FASTON (250 series) flag receptacle. This combination provides fast solderless magnet wire termination and a quick and simple connection to any assembly. This special design is suitable for any magnet wire coil assembly such as found in motors, pumps, fans, and compressors. This new product offers many advantages including reduced labor, increased productivity and material savings while offering higher quality and energy efficient termination.

This new product has a wire range of 500~2700 CMA for one- or two-wire connection and meets EIA-364 and UL-310 standards: Electrical Quick-Connect Terminals. The AMPLIVAR splice design terminates aluminum or copper magnet wire without solder or stripping of the coating, but can also terminate pre-stripped stranded wire. The right-angle FASTON receptacles are offered in designs to fit 187 Series or 250 Series tab widths.

This product is RoHS-compliant and has been qualified through vibration and mechanical shock tests for durability.

This innovative design combining two of TE's most popular product lines brings many advantages to customers:

  •     Increases energy efficiency by using low-resistance crimp
  •     Flexible connection using TE standard or customised terminals
  •     Higher quality using a statistical process controlled termination process
  •     Improves health & safety / environmental impacts - Mechanical termination process uses no heat or chemicals
  •     Precisely controlled crimp termination helps eliminate human error for maximum reliability
  •     Increases productivity by reducing termination time
  •     Reduces labor by eliminating magnet wire stripping and soldering
  •     Reduces cost by increasing production and lowering labour content


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