Digi Launches Industry's First Embedded Application Development Kit for Android

Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) today released the Digi Application Development Kit for Android, the industry’s first Android embedded application development kit. The kit includes drivers and unique Digi software extensions to easily create Android-based applications on embedded platforms while eliminating what is typically months of tedious driver development work. The included iDigi Connector for Android enables customers, with literally a single line of software code, to completely cloud enable their devices.

“The iDigi Device Cloud plus Android is a cutting-edge combination,” said Joel Young, senior vice president of research and development and CTO of Digi International. “The kit, with a complete set of integrated Android tools and software components, makes the power of Android easily accessible without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in development time and customization. And with iDigi, device manufacturers can create cloud connected devices that offer significant product differentiation.”

“Beyond conventional mobile handsets, Android is in fact a versatile open source framework for the development of wireless devices,” said Jared Weiner, analyst for VDC Research’s Embedded Software and Tools Practice. “Android is much more than an operating system. It is a software platform with the potential to be used within a wide range of smart connected devices. Digi’s new Android development kit can help lowerthe barrier of entry for designers who wish to use Android for their wireless product designs. Digi’s kit is also unique in that it features both the hardware and software necessary to helpdesigners get to market quickly using Android.”

The Digi Application Development Kit for Android includes the module peripheral drivers and APIs necessary for product development, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and others. With support for the ConnectCore Wi-i.MX53 and ConnectCore Wi-i.MX51 wireless modules, Digi provides a complete integrated development environment and a single source for hardware and software. Embedded applications can be created in Java with no specialized hardware knowledge enabling programmers with Java and Android application expertise to develop software for embedded products.

Devices developed with the Digi Application Development Kit for Android can also connect to the iDigi Device Cloud. The iDigi Device Cloud offers massive scalability and instant connectivity to network-connected devices. It provides the infrastructure required to access and control devices over the Internet and offers a high degree of scalability, reliability and security.

The Digi Application Development Kit for Android includes a 7” LCD touchscreen and is ready to use out of the box. Kits are available now for $499.


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