The DLRO-H200 –the World’s First Handheld Micro-ohmmeter

The Megger DLRO-H200 is like no other micro-ohmmeter on the market today. Using innovative ultra capacitor technology, the primary use of this instrument is for measuring contact resistance in circuit breakers, but it also has many other applications. It’s rugged design works in all types of weather, and industries. Check out 7 TOP REASONS to choose the Megger DLRO-H200 Micro-ohmmeter.

Handleheld and Lightweight - At only 2.2 lbs it’s easy to use in hard to reach places

Up to 240 A High Current Output - Always be compliant with IEC/IEEE standards

Rechargeable Batteries - Makes it convenient and portable

Safe Test – DualGround™ - Allows testing in with both sides grounded

Bluetooth® PC Communication - Do multiple test points concurrently and remotely

PowerDB Lite Included! - Deliver consistent test procedures, maintenance scheduling, and reporting on demand

Auto Range: 1 µΩ to 1000 mΩ - This extensive range makes the DLRO-H200 a great product for low resistance testing

Megger’s new DLRO-H200 micro-ohmmeter uses innovative ultra capacitor technology that allows a high current output to be achieved in an exceptionally small and compact device. The primary use of this instrument is measuring contact resistance in circuit breakers, but it also has many other applications where low resistances need to be measured accurately.


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