Development of TransferJet™-compatible Wireless Device World's Smallest!

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a wireless device compatible with the close-proximity wireless data transfer technology TransferJet™*Another WindowThe device is embedded with a next-generation IC and a Murata high-frequency filter (LFB214G48CGD471) .

TransferJet™ is a technology developed to enable anyone to use close-proximity wireless data transfer easily and with no stress. TransferJet™ enables high volumes of music, image, movie and other data to be transferred at high speeds with ease simply by bringing two devices into proximity with each other. It is expected to have a bright future as a communications interface between mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras, and between mobile devices and PCs, TVs, etc.

Miniaturization of components is demanded as the functions of electronic equipment become increasingly sophisticated. The application of Murata's unique high-frequency design technology and component embedding and multilayer process technologies has enabled the development of a small, low-profile wireless device compatible with TransferJet™ standards.


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