Omron Have Introduced Fan Ionizer (Area Fan Type) ZJ-FW

We have introduced Fan Ionizer (Area fan type) ZJ-FW. 3 slim, lightweight types to choose from. Easy installation.

At 6 cm in depth and weighing 1 kg (ZJ-FW029), the ZJ-FW Series has pursued and achieved a slim, lightweight configuration. These ionizers easily fit on narrow workbenches or in high locations where previously they could not go. Moreover, you can select a size according to the area of coverage, so targets are uniformly neutralized.

With three sizes available, the ideal ionizer for the installation environment and ionization area can be selected. Stable uniform ionization is possible for any kind of work setup from narrow workbenches to wide lines. Moreover, tedious-to-rig air ducts used with bar type ionizers are unnecessary, which also translates into greater energy savings.

A proprietary louver structure enables a slim configuration and yet high speed ionization that removes electrostatic charge in 1 sec or less. As a standard feature, ion balance adjustment is available and airflow can be set by 4-step sliding switch. Moreover, when using the standard stand, the angle can be easily adjusted against a graduated scale.


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