IES5507 Buffered 4-Channel 2-Wire Bus Switch

The IES5507 is a buffered 4-channel switch in 2-wire bus applications including I2C, SMBus, PMbus, and other systems based on similar principles.

Unlike other 2-wire bus switches, the IES5507 is a buffered switch and is designed to suit the standard, fast and fast mode plus application.

The four outputs of the IES5507 may be independently enabled in any combination as determined by the contents of the programmable control register. Each I/O is also impedance isolated from all others, thus allowing a total of five branches of 2-wire bus with the maximum specified load.

For example, in Fm+ application, a maximum capacitance loading of 5 x 400pF at 1MHz is possible. More than one IES5507 may be used in series, providing a substantial fan-out capability.

The IES5507 has excellent application for expanding 2-wire bus address and increasing of maximum load capacitance. Very large LED displays are a perfect application of IES5507.


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