Max Uptime, Max Safety: Maxon Series 8000 Valve with PSTrend

Maxon’s Series 8000 safety shut-off valves – globally-recognized for ruggedness and longevity – have new features designed to keep them your first choice for safety, reliability, and maximized system up-time.

Searing heat or bitter cold gives sure closing at temps to -50°C (-58°F) while meeting API 6FA Fire Safe standards. The larger open/closed indicator clearly announces valve position in high-contrast colors.

Series 8000 meets tough Class VI leakage standards and carries global endorsements like FM, CSA, EN, ATEX, Hazardous Locations, and safety assessment to IEC 61508, making them SIL-3 capable.

Unique metal-to-metal seats wear IN, not out, with each cycle, and numerous body and trim options provide excellent application flexibility.

8000’s performance, safety and long run times are further leveraged with Maxon’s PSTrend partial stroke testing technology which tests and trends valve performance—without interrupting burner management system functions. Awareness of the true condition of safety systems provided by PSTrend allows for predictive valve maintenance and lets processes run at safer levels for longer periods of time.

The unique benefits of Series 8000 valves and PSTrend are fully leveraged when they’re an integral part of a Maxon-designed combustion system.


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