A Must Read for Oil and Gas Customers

Maxon employees Richard Reyes and Michael Dawson co-authored a feature article in the spring issue of Today’s Boiler magazine, a publication of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The article, “Don’t Operate Unaware…Gain Insight into Valve Performance,”  focuses on improved operational performance with increased safety through the use of partial stroke testing (PST) of safety shut off valves. 

Maxon customers continue to strive for longer process run times while trying to achieve higher safety records. Due to safety critical testing limitations, these two requests tend to contradict one another. In reality, these opposing concepts can easily be achieved through periodic partial stroke testing. Maxon’s patent pending PSTrend technology, applied to Maxon’s Series 8000 safety shut-off valves, trends test results to help predict a valve’s probability of failure on demand.

Maxon’s proven metal-to-metal seating technology actually benefits from repeated full or partial cycling by wearing IN and not OUT with use. Improve safety, increase “uptime” and increase your bottom line by taking advantage of Maxon’s 90+ years of reliable technology.


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