IES5523A Zero Crossing Triac Control -Time-Out & LED Indicator

The IES5523A extends the functionality of the IES5521A with an addition of a time-out indicator signal. It is intended as a cost effective temperature controller with automatic safety switch off with an output pin to indicate time-out mode.

The time-out indicator pin on the IES5523A when used to drive an LED circuit can be set to either show power ON when running and power OFF when timed-out; or vice-versa. This feature in the IES5523A provides flexibility to inform the user of the current operating mode of the appliance.

Unlike other temperature control solutions, the IES5523A provides the functionality to automatically switch the heater control off after a preset time. This could be the nominal 1-hour (50Hz/ 60Hz mains) or by adding an external resistor and capacitor a different time out time can be set. Switching the mains OFF and ON again easily resets the timer.

Other features of the IES5523A include zero crossing triac triggering in applications where it is controlled by a resistive sensor such as an NTC thermistor. These features including small footprint of IES5523A, will give you the flexibility to easily design it into products such as control of heater elements in cookers, hair straighteners and others.


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