New TMS 9250 Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Measurement System

Honeywell is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our torque transducer product portfolio, the new TMS 9250 Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Measurement System, available in many different configurations to meet the needs of your particular torque measurement application.

Built on Honeywell’s proven TMS digital torque platform, the TMS 9250 offers:

  • True Torque Measurement – Honeywell’s TMS 9250’s non-contact digital telemetry design enables higher integrity of the data capture through higher resolution and no mechanical interferences; resulting in a more accurate indication of the actual torque being experienced.
  • Flexible Modular Design – Honeywell’s modular design can easily be adapted or customized to fit into many different types of test stands to meet specific test application requirements.
  • Simple Installation, Setup, and Operation – The TMS 9250 is compact with quick attach wiring connectors for quick commissioning. It has easy to set up parameters via the software system and enables you to make test parameter adjustments on-the-fly.
  • Ongoing Reliability – Honeywell’s TMS 9250 with its non-contact design and digital telemetry solution means no friction (contact), leading to less maintenance.
  • FCC / CE Certified EMC Compliant – The TMS 9250 complies with all regulatory standards for safe RF emission standards and will not cause interference with other equipment.


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