Paulstra honors Henkel with innovation award

Henkel was recently awarded the coveted “Prix de l’Innovation” by Europe’s leading manufacturer of vibration and sound dampening systems, the company Paulstra of the French Total Group. During a Supplier Day in Segré in France, Henkel received the innovation award for the switch from a nickel- and arsenic-containing phosphating pre-treatment to a product that does not have to be labeled as hazardous.

As the European market leader in vibration and sound dampening solutions, Paulstra’s portfolio ranges from standard to dynamic sealing systems to coded information for new mechatronic systems for use in the transport industry. For such applications, Henkel supplies products for surface treatment of rubber parts prior to bonding.

Phosphating, a special kind of surface treatment
Before further processing, the individual product parts have to undergo several cleaning and rinsing steps. Without the subsequent phosphating, it would be impossible to achieve adhesion between the surfaces of the different parts of the assembly. The product surfaces are prepared for bonding by dipping them in a bath with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Phosphating is a process traditionally used to treat surfaces. The innovation award from Paulstra was for the development of a new product for pretreating rubber parts prior to bonding.

Presentation ceremony in Segré, France
Henkel Sales Managers Claude Senechal and Didier Guillet proudly stepped up to accept the “Prix de l’Innovation” for the switch to nickel- and arsenic-free products from Paulstra’s Purchasing Director Gaétan de la Rousserie during an award ceremony at the Supplier Day in Segré near Angers in France.


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