A10-OLinuXino first prototypes are assembling

A10-OLinuXino routing took 3 months but this is really monster board and instead in 6 layers as per Allwinner recommendations we routed it at 4, so we now will have to see if it will work at all as it doesn’t quite blindly following the official Allwinner routing.

Another experiment we are going to do it to see if A10 can work with 2GB RAM memory. We asked Allwinner if this is possible and the response was: yes it may be possible but we never try it as our market is low cost tablets and when the memory rise to 2GB the price is not low cost.

At Electronica we spoke to lot of memory suppliers, Memphis is partner we work for a long time and they offered us 4Gbit DDR3 memories to try to our boards.

If we succeed this will be the first A10 board with 2GB RAM.


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