Mitsubishi Electric Automation Reaches 84,000th CNC Milestone

Since 1974, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has worked with machine tool builders in the Americas to install Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs). We have recently installed our 84,000th CNC, which translates to an average of six CNCs per day over 38 years.

"Our CNCs run the best machines in the world, the result of engaging top manufacturers and then working with them to optimize performance and functionality," said Steve Dumont, vice president of technical service and support, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. "Thanks to our advanced capabilities, user-friendly intuitive interface and fast set-up, our customers have realized reduced production costs and improved machine efficiency. They also have access to Mitsubishi Electric's global service and support network to ensure machine uptime and performance."

Mitsubishi Electric Automation CNCs are used in a wide range of applications including machine tools; vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining centers; multi-turret, multi-spindle, turn mills; and multi-system Swiss-type turning centers. Industries using Mitsubishi Electric automation products include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, defense, medical, energy and renewable energy, and telecommunications.


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