Innovative PC Solution for the iQ Platform Simplifies Integration and Plant Floor Operations

Mitsubishi adds a new dimension in control and computing with the introduction of a new industrial computer for the iQ Platform, the WinCPU. This fully functional industrial computer mounts directly on the iQ backplane to seamlessly integrate the flexibility of a computer with the iQ Platform. The WinCPU belongs to the iQ PC category of products and enables large amounts of data to be easily shared across multiple CPUs and disciplines (Sequence, Process, Motion, CNC and Robot). This new solution is designed to meet the ever-changing landscape of many end user facilities and the demands of high-tech machine builders.

The iQ Platform combines several key automation disciplines including the ability to integrate an industrial PC and its environment on this hardware platform. The iQ PC (WinPC) is design to compress your hardware architecture and manage your automation system while taking full advantage of benefits of a PC. This flexible solution is ideal for a wide range of applications including many non traditional machine designs. Users can leverage all the benefits of each discipline and merge them into a seamless control system that far exceeds any control expectation.

Key Features:
  •     Integration of multiple technologies in a single platform
  •     High-speed communication and data sharing over the backplane
  •     Embedded Windows software architecture
  •     Solid State PC hardware architecture


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