HARTING har-mik® Bellows SMC Series Right Angled

Three new har-mik® Bellows SMC female right angled connectors complete the HARTING portfolio.

HARTING’s Miniature D connectors in 1.27 mm pitch, the so-called har-mik® series, are a must in various cable-to-board applications where space saving and high data transfer rates are demanded. HARTING has expanded the har-mik® Bellows SMC portfolio of female right angled connectors with the addition of three new variants with 20, 50 and 68 poles respectively.

Fielding the complete har-mik® Bellows SMC connector range from 14 to 68 poles, HARTING is offering customers a perfect solution, as the connectors can be terminated in the same solder reflow process as all other board mounted SMT components. The connectors are available in suitable tray or reel packaging, which are fully compatible with the various handling equipments of an automated assembly line.

Drawing on the bellows mating technology, HARTING’s har-mik® Bellows SMC connectors are the perfect choice for applications requiring repetitive plugging and blind mating.


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