HARTING is introducing the first managed Industrial Ethernet switches with Fast Track Switching technology at SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nurnberg. The devices will be presented at the fair stand in an actual PROFINET network. Experience the advantages of determinism in conjunction with Conformance Class B and openness according to Standard IEEE 802.3-based Ethernet protocols.

Two 10-port switches are joining the FTS switch product family: the FTS 3100-A with 10 copper ports and the 3082-ASFP with 8 copper ports and 2 slots for SFP modules. The switch detects PROFINET real-time frames and accelerates them in a cut-through method. They are always given priority for transmission, and therefore always take precedence over non-real-time frames. As a result, automation data reach their destination on time, regardless of the remaining network load – guaranteed every time.

The integration of the PROFINET stack makes the switch a PROFINET Conformance Class B Device, which, like other automation devices, can be planned and configured with automation tools. Numerous alarms and diagnoses from the PLC can be received, for example, for voltage monitoring or linkchange of ports. Optionally, the PLC can also process an important status message such as "Link down" via input data.

And of course the FTS switches also support functions such as VLANs, RSTP for redundant topologies, LLDP for topology display and all common management functions. Visit our stand at the fair and see for yourself how Fast Track Switch makes PROFINET calculable, allowing it to guarantee the greatest availability in a network.


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