OMRON Releases New Products in SYSMAC CJ Series of Programmable Controllers

OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced the release of two new products in its SYSMAC CJ2 series of programmable controllers, CJ2 CPU units and basic I/O units, to markets.

Model numbers are as follows. CJ2H CPU units: CJ2H-CPU68, CJ2H-CPU67, CJ2H-CPU66, CJ2H-CPU65 and CJ2H-CPU64. Basic I/O units: CJ1W-ID212, CJ1W-ID233, CJ1W-OD213 and CJ1W-OD234.

OMRON's industrial automation business (OMRON IA) developed the SYSMAC CJ series to meet customer demand for high-speed programmable controllers, which has increased as manufacturing industry equipment becomes more complicated and the work of fabrication more minute. In developing the CJ2H CPU units released today, OMRON IA reexamined not only the CPU's processing power but also the interface with the units to be connected, offering customers total improvement of system throughput. In addition, the company plans to release a succession of high-speed, high-performance units including analog and positioning units, starting with the basic I/O units released today.

The processing power of the CPU unit, the interface between it and other units, and the response performance of each unit have been improved, making the unit useful in improving system throughput.
  •     Input interruption response time is approximately two times faster than before. Will not miss split-second changes.
  •     The minimum time for interruptions at fixed intervals is approx. two times faster than before, enabling more precise control.
  •     A special high-speed unit has been installed to allow immediate refreshing, allowing response times up to seven times faster than before.
  •     The ON/OFF response time of the basic I/O unit is approx. four times faster than before, and that of the analog unit is approx. 12 times faster than before.


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