Optex FA launched new 2D Displacement Sensor LS series.

The laser line beam provides micron measurement of target height and width and handles high-precision two-dimensional measurement applications that are not possible with spot beam laser measurement lasers.

This newly designed proprietary system delivers high-speed measurements in a compact size at a very cost effective price.

The LS-100 is easy to set up and offers a diverse range of measurement functions such as height, width, position and edge count. Easily configurable PC software is included.

Possible uses include circuit board double feed, inspection of sealant flow, verification of gap and level differences on door closure, and measurement of brake pad height and connector edge pin counting.

Optex FA - one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications has partnered with the sensor experts at Ramco Innovations to bring quality, affordable LED, laser, laser measurement and fiber optic sensing solutions to North America.


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