Lifelong precision

With a repeat accuracy of 1µm, about 1/5 of a normal hair, the My-Com precision switch from Baumer has been mastering precision tasks such as quickly and reliably setting reference points and monitoring tolerances for a good 50 years. Despite its grand old age, My-Com is still one of the most precise and compact mechanical limit switches in its class worldwide. Even measuring equipment and machine tools of every kind can be verified or referenced by a micrometer.

The name My-Com is based on the term Micro Commutator. This precision switch was the first proof of the high performance levels that Baumer Electric was and still is able to achieve. My-Com's success story started back in 1966. The smallest and most precise limit switch in the world was launched by consistently applying the latest technologies, procedures and materials at that time. Thanks to its unique design, it can meet the highest requirements for precision and robustness with only three moving parts, and high-quality individual components such as bright gold-plated contacts.  Another reason for its precise repeat accuracy is based on the mechanical refinement of a highly accurate and industrialized ceramic tappet, which can move the gold-plated ball inside the housing with a force effect from 30 cN, thereby interrupting the high-quality switch contacts. My-Com therefore retains its high precision and repeat accuracy over up to 10 million switch cycles.

Users receive the standard My-Com version with the same level of consistent simplicity and precision as before, with the usual "normally closed function". Through integrated electronics, "normally open" versions are also possible for directly controlling SPS and other electronic inputs as well as LED output indicators. For use in harsh environments with soiling, drilling water or even abrasive dust there is the My-Com version with protection class IP 67, thanks to a sealing membrane made of Viton, an extremely resistant sealing material. The modular structure of the switch's inner workings enables a high degree of flexibility. Various single parts can be freely combined and enable a number of variants and tailor-made customer solutions. This is precisely what makes the precision switch from Baumer unique and universal.

Since it was patented, the My-Com has been used in thousands of different application possibilities. So it's not surprising that even space research has become aware of Baumer's My-Com. Since 2005, My-Com has been ensuring precise mirror adjustment for micrometers in various models of ESA's weather satellites, and is also used on the international space station ISS and other space probes. Other industries such as graphics, machine tools, textile machines, packaging and handling, robotics and pharmaceuticals, etc. are also impressed by the My-Com precision switch's range of services and reliability. Wherever accuracy and precision are crucial for the end product, My-Com from Baumer finds its place and works reliably.


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