Keep Cool with Baldor Ammonia Compressor Motors

Cold storage facilities are dependent on cooling equipment uptime to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. One occurrence of unplanned downtime could result in thousands or upwards of millions of dollars of lost product and even worse company reputation and dependability.

Just one component of the ammonia refrigeration equipment is the compressor, which is driven by a motor to circulate ammonia gas through the compressor and system. If the motor is unreliable, your entire system may not run at optimal levels. Don’t let that happen to you - depend on Baldor-Reliance® ammonia compressor motors to keep your facility cool.

Baldor’s Ammonia compressor motors are open drip proof, cast iron designs and available from stock. Motors are available in ratings of 150 – 1,000 Horsepower in Low (460V) and Medium (2300/4160V) voltage configurations with a 1.15 Service Factor at 40° Celsius ambient temperatures. Designed for minimal energy consumption, low voltage ratings up to 500 horsepower meet Premium® efficiency levels defined by NEMA in table 12-12. Conversion bases are available for all frames for easy adaptability for drop-in replacement.

You can keep your cool and be sure your facility runs at peak levels with the Baldor-Reliance® ammonia compressor motor which is available from stock.


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