Baumer encoder offers protection from shaft currents

The Baumer company presents a new version of the OptoPulse® EIL580 incremental encoder family, which offers protection from induced shaft currents.

The new version with hybrid bearings also improves reliability, since in comparison to all-steel bearings these have a current-insulating effect and thus completely eliminate bearing damage caused by shaft currents.

OptoPulse® EIL580 encoders are characterized by robust design and extreme durability. The ShaftLock bearing design was invented by Baumer, and guarantees reliable functioning even under the most adverse conditions. The metal shoulder between the two ball bearings reliably protects the internal sensor technology from axial impacts and stresses. The high-quality materials and the precision-machined mechanical system guarantee optimum radial and axial running over the entire service life.

The modular system of the OptoPulse® EIL580 series forms the basis of a wide variety of product versions, which are compatible with all current electrical and mechanical standards. The product design unites form and function, making installation easier. With their clean lines, the encoders integrate themselves unobtrusively into the application.


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