Murrplastik Introduces a Cable Drag Chain Solution for Heavy Duty Applications

Murrplastik Systems, leaders in cable drag chain products and innovation, have introduced a new model into their PowerLine Cable Drag Series designed to meet the growing demand for greater loading, distance and speed capacities. The new MP 52.6 features a significant increase in chain side link wall thickness resulting in a 1.5X increase in maximum tractive force.

In addition to the optimized distribution of tensile forces, the MP 52.6 cable drag chain also features more stable operation and less wear while considerably extending the chain’s useful life. Additionally, a new latch mechanism answers the demand for even greater simplification of installation and servicing work. This new latch system makes it possible to open the frame bridges from the top allowing the cable drag chain to be left where it is in the guide channel during upgrades and repairs.

Another new optional feature of the MP 52.6 are sliding blocks that serve to further minimize wear to the chain side links. They feature a specially designed 4 mm wear zone and are fitted onto the side links in the cable drag chain’s inside bend instead of the usual frame bridge interlocks. This results in the sliding blocks wearing down first and foremost, thus extending the life of the cable drag chain.

The new MP 52.6 features a chain side link thickness of 25 mm (compared to the standard product 16 mm) and an inside chain height of 52 mm. The flexible MP shelving system permits the definition of any internal width from 45 mm to 600 mm. It is designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks in the mid-size performance category where operating loads are increasing due to extra control, data and supply cabling and/or extended travel distances.   The MP 52.6 is designed specifically to handle the resultant exponential increase in tensile.


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