Virtual Reality Welding Training System Releases New Look and Expanded Functionality

FABTECH 2012 marks the launch of a new look to Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® 360, as well as the release of the fourth upgrade in its VRTEX® Extensions™ software upgrade program. The software upgrade includes GMAW (MIG) stainless welding support, including appropriate visual and audio sound differences; shielding gas selections specific to aluminum welding; and enhanced THEORY functionality including visual and text definitions.

With the new upgrade, users will see the addition of stainless GMAW in multiple configurations.  The stainless upgrade includes new visuals and audio, discontinuities, equipment settings, tolerance levels, and the expansion of the THEORY function. An additional feature to the upgrade program is Demo Weld functionality. The Demo Weld feature allows the student or instructor to view an example weld or a demonstration of a proper technique for a specified weld, prior to the weld being made.  Finally, the VRTEX® Extension™ 4 also expands support and includes 0.052 in. (1.3 mm) solid wire and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Stick Welding) on thinner material support.

All VRTEX® Extensions™ software upgrades are offered as an ongoing program designed to enhance and supplement the VRTEX® 360 with new features and functionality. 

“The VRTEX® upgrade program release of aluminum GMAW earlier this year and stainless GMAW now, continues to increase the cost savings and value proposition of Lincoln Electric’s virtual reality welding simulators,” said Deanna Postlethwaite, VRTEX® Business Unit Manager. “Our goal is to continue to expand and enhance the virtual welding training system for multiple training environments, based on customer feedback and input.”

With the recent changes made to the VRTEX® Extensions™ program, customers have the flexibility to choose only what they want, when they want it. The program now offers independent or a la carte upgrade releases and enables users to purchase VRTEX® 360 software upgrade releases based on their specific needs. Each upgrade contains bundled features that the customer can review and evaluate prior to purchasing. Users have the option to purchase or skip the upgrade if it does not fit into their welding training program.

The VRTEX® 360 upgrade program is produced under the continued development partnership of Lincoln Electric and VRSim. VRSim Inc. of East Hartford, Conn., is a leader in the development of training software and graphic simulation for industry and academia. The VRTEX® 360 is a software-based welding training system powered by the software expertise of VRSim and the welding innovation of Lincoln Electric.

Any customer with the base software version 1.1.10 or Upgrade 1 can purchase the releases that best complement their welding curriculum. VRTEX® 360 Extensions™ upgrade packages include supporting literature – materials useful in any welding training environment.
Lincoln Electric continues to lead the industry in the innovation of virtual reality welding training through the VRTEX® program. The Company also continues to spearhead programs and products dedicated to the improvement of resources and materials for the training of effective, productive and quality welders.


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