HARTING RJ Industrial® RJ45 PCB female connector with transformers for 10 Gbit

The HARTING Technology Group has rounded off the HARTING RJ Industrial® series with new RJ45 female connectors with integrated tranformers for 10 Gbit. The highly compact dimensions of these RJ45 connectors enable convenient and simple integration into all established IP 65 / 67 interface types, from PushPull through to Han® 3A.

The reduced height is also an advantage in scenarios involving plug-in cards, allowing the realization of very flat assemblies and modules. In addition to the new 10 Gbit types, versions for 10/100 Mbit and 1 Gbit are also available. Versions for PoE as well as individual adaptations to specific customer wishes are possible and can be rapidly executed. In connnection with SMD LEDs on the customer PCB, integrated optical fibers enable signalling of the port status. These industrial female connectors can be processed in all standard soldering methods such as wave-soldering or SMT reflow.


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