Han-Quick Lock® Termination Technology

Since its launch, Han-Quick Lock® termination technology has found a firm footing in the market and is installed in numerous HARTING products. The new feature is that most connectors are available for two wire gauge ranges. This is shown by the different coloring of the Han-Quick Lock® actuators. The termination wire gauge ranging from 0.25 mm² to 1.5 mm² has a black actuator, whereas the actuator for the 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² range is blue.

The innovative termination technology makes it possible to connect a stranded wire to a connector contact without having to use any special tools such as a crimping tool. The contacts are already pre-assembled in the connectors with Han-Quick Lock®. With its space-saving design, the patented termination technology boasts very high contact density, making it ideal for integration in various types of connectors. For example, many HARTING connectors are available with two alternative termination technologies, though of course they are still mutually compatible despite their different termination methods.

The portfolio includes connectors from a wide range of HARTING series:
for Han-Modular®, Han A®, Han D®, Han® Q, Han® PushPull and Han-Yellock®, numerous modules and connectors with termination technology suitable for assembly in the field are now available.


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