D-Sub SMT connector: new straight design

HARTING is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of a new straight D-Sub SMT connector series. This will complement the already globally established angled D Sub SMT range.  The optimized design allows for easy handling and a long working life. The new series is compatible with other surface mount components which results in a simplification of PCB design and manufacture and opens up new application opportunities.

100% co-planarity is achieved by combining stamped contacts with our uniquely designed insulator. This concept provides a robust solution capable of effortlessly withstanding all stresses encountered during normal assembly procedures. The straight D Sub SMT connector is available in two mounting formats, with flat grounding pads or with the addition of two PIHIR pins for an increased retention performance. The black insulator ensures good positional camera recognition and the two plastic locating pins included in the molding prevent the connector moving following placement. A removable grip for 10mm vacuum pipettes is also available.

The straight D Sub SMT can be supplied with 9 to 37 contacts, M3 or 4-40 UNC threaded inserts and can be supplied with non-removable M3 or 4-40 UNC female screw locks. Performance level 2 and 3 are standard with performance level 1 available on request. They are supplied on reels, quantity 140 pcs. per reel with other packaging formats available on request.


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