Han-Yellock® 10 connector

In the form of the Han-Yellock® 10, HARTING is now introducing a new, compact connector. Based on the established Han-Yellock® 30 and 60 sizes, functionalities have been adapted to meet the requirements of compact units and systems.

Universality and efficiency are the keynotes of the uses the new Han-Yellock® 10 can be put to. Currently with 25 different contact inserts, it meets all needs from energy supply to data transmission. Consequently, one size can reliably transmit power of up to 40 A / 690 V and sensitive data signals, as in Ethernet applications, for example. In addition, multipole varieties with up to 21 contacts are also available. Contact inserts are also possible for optical data transmission.

The key features are ease of handling and operation. The locking mechanism integrated in the housing locks both housing halves reliably during the connection process. Unlocking is a similarly intuitive process. A brief push on the activation button is all that is required. The robust stainless steel locking mechanism is deactivated, allowing both connector halves to be separated from each other.

Data transmission has a particular need for clear solutions to ensure ideal EMC properties (electromagnetic compatibility). Han-Yellock® from HARTING provides this, thanks to the nesting of both housing halves and the direct electrical connection between the housing and the adjacent surface. Even the use of larger diameter sheathed cabling was addressed by having an M25 cable input.


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