har-flexicon®: tool-free individual conductor wiring with 1.27 mm spacing

The HARTING Technology Group is creating new standards in the PCB field with har-flexicon®, the new miniaturized and field-assemblable individual conductor connection technology with 1.27 mm spacing.

Flexible individual conductor wiring of industrial devices with PCBs as their key component is one of the principal requirements in modern device technology – and it will always stay that way. Because sensoric and actoric subassemblies need to be connected on site rapidly, PCB connection technology must continue to be universally applicable. What is required is flexibility in the connection of I/O signals with tool-less individual conductor wiring – which enables on-site assembly in the field.

It is always the overall, not the individual, costs of components which are paramount in the development of industrial subassemblies. The use of reflow and SMD solderable components in automated assembly and soldering processes leads to manufacturing costs which are lower than those for the manual assembly and wave soldering of wired components.

There is a universal demand for units to become ever more compact. Efficient device design and more powerful components with higher efficiency and greater power density lead to innovative devices, which deliver a growing variety of functions and performance coupled with reduced device volume. So, even with classical PBC connectors, miniaturization continues to march ahead with components in this segment constantly getting smaller and smaller. Despite this reduction in size, users still expect to operate connection technology just as conveniently and quickly as conventional products with higher spacing measurements.

har-flexicon® meets all these requirements consistently and is a model for rapid and convenient wiring of ever more compact devices whilst addressing the economics of the assembly process.


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