Han® Q 3/0 and Han® Q 4/0 connector

With the Han® Q 3/0 and Han® Q 4/0, HARTING is expanding its portfolio in the smallest Han® 3A size range. An area measuring 42 mm² is enough room for 3 power contacts and the protective earth contact (Han® Q 3/0) or 4 power contacts (Han® Q 4/0). This makes them both the most powerful in the compact industrial connector class.

The connector boasts the following performance data: clearance and creepage distances with the Han® 3/0 allow a 400 V rated voltage, which increases to as much as 830 V with the Han® Q 4/0. Both have roughly similar current load capacities – this is approx. 40 A given an ambient temperature of 40°C and a connection wire gauge of 4 mm². Because connectors with standard Han® C contacts can be used with a wire gauge of up to 10 mm², currents of over 80 amps are possible but in these cases the diameter of the cable entry need to take into account.

Both connectors are used in industrial environments. They are ideally suited to the needs of the semi-conductor industry, for example. The Han® Q 3/0 with protective earth contact is designed for 3-phase earthed networks and is used in three-phase motors. It can fit all housings in the 3A size, i.e. all plastic and metal varieties, EMC and also the extremely robust HPR and stainless steel housings. The Han® Q 4/0 comes with 4 power contacts and is used to enable equipment such as ventilators, fans or extraction units to be connected. Because these consumers are very common in the semi-conductor industry, the Han® Q 4/0 is the ideal solution to reduce costs because two of the consumers can be connected with one connector. The connector is also ideally suited for DC applications. However, in this case, it can only be used in 3A size plastic housings.


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