HARTING har-link®: Now also with solder bucket contacts

HARTING is expanding its space-saving har-link® metric product range with a version equipped with solder bucket contacts. Up to now, connectors were supplied on the cable side only with an insulation displacement termination. The new har-link® with solder bucket contacts now enables fast and easy harnesses prototyping for test purposes for example without the use of a special dedicated tooling. With this new contact style, now wires from the AWG 30 up to the AWG 24 can be mounted on the cable side of the har-link® connection, providing a high flexibility and compatibility with a large range of cables available on the market.

HARTING’s modular and compact har-link® interface connectors with 2.0 mm spacing can transmit data of up to 2 GBit/s per twisted conductor. Also equipped with a special screening concept, har-link® reliably delivers optimum functionality in areas affected electromagnetically. har-link® is manufactured in accordance with IEC 61076-4-107 and is a compact, robust cable connector which guarantees excellent data transmission to the PCB in high frequency networks and telecommunication applications.


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