Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vantage Line Plastic Fibers – New Models Available

The Vantage-Line (VL) Fiber Optics represents a competitive product line to complement our fiber amplifier business. These fibers are compatible with all of our existing plastic fiber amplifiers, including the DF-G family.

All Vantage-Line models feature the PVC over-molded flex relief for more protection in high-flex or repetitive-flex applications. The 26 Vantage Line models offer excellent performance, several new problem-solving designs, and competitive pricing for OEM opportunities. List prices of most VL fiber models are 25% less than comparable standard models.

Our goal is to encourage the sales channel to select Vantage-Line whenever possible. The simple “-VL” suffix will make it easily searchable following the Standard Fiber model number scheme.

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