QL51 and QL56 Series Luminescence Sensors

Building upon the success of the QL50 and QL55 sensors, Banner’s error-proofing and luminescence sensor product line has expanded by introducing easy-to-use and very sensitive luminescence sensors which can detect luminescent marks, coatings, fluids, and objects on luminescent backgrounds, irregular or reflective surfaces. The new sensors implement a sensitivity adjustment which simulates a gain potentiometer with 2 push buttons. The uniform and intense line of emitted ultraviolet (UV) light averages over textured or irregular surfaces making detection easier than in the past.

The QL56 sensor is a high performance luminescence sensor which features six ultra violet (UV) LEDs that create a uniform and intense line of UV light. Thus, luminescence marks on irregular or textured surfaces such as wood, textile, or cast surfaces are more detectable. The linear shape of the emitted light can be aligned to the shape of the luminescence mark to reduce switch point variability.

The QL51 sensor is a cost effective solution with easy setup and installation. The operator adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor using the two button user interface which operates much like a gain potentiometer. The QL51 emits a line of UV light formed by 4 UV LEDS.

Both sensors feature bipolar (1 NPN & 1 PNP) outputs. The QL56 includes an analog voltage output proportional to how much light is being reflected to the sensor by the luminescent surface. This may be useful for lower contrast applications.


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